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Code Reviews, Tweaks, Modifications, Debugging, Testing in Javascript, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, Unity, C/C++, WordPress and More

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Cloud Storage

Setup, Configure, Organize, Troubleshoot, Optimize


Support, Bug Fixes, Tweaks, Design and Layout

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WiFi and Home Network Support & Maintenance

Help Setup, Repair, Troubleshoot, and Configure, Update

PC Optimization & Maintenance

Configure, Setup, Troubleshoot, Repair, Debug, Update, Optimize, Enhance

Microsoft Operating System Support & Maintenance

Windows 7, Vista, XP Install, repair, update & configuration Start-up, Booting and Corruption, Update

Virus and Malware

Scan, Analyze, Test for Viruses and Malware, Provide Virus Protection, Troubleshoot Virus/Malware Removal, AVP Update

Printers and Multifunctionals Support & Maintenance

Setup, Troubleshooting, Repair, Configure, Update

MS Office Support & Maintenance

Configure, Setup, Troubleshoot, Update, Optimize, Enhance