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Do NOT purchase a membership to this website if you have been called, emailed, mailed, faxed, SMS, MMS, or communicated to in any way by someone who is claiming they are from Mashoutable®, with the intent or interest in "selling" product and/or service to you; you should treat it as illegitimate, and we would request you notify us of such so that we can take the necessary action/steps to resolve the issue. The ONLY outbound communications from Mashoutable® will be related to existing members/memberships, and will come directly from Mashoutable®; we do not and will not make outbound contact to/with, sell to, solicit to, or directly market to any individual or entity through any form of communication to a non-member.

Mashoutable® does NOT conduct "outbound" sales calls or solicitations. Mashoutable® ONLY accepts "walk in" and "call in" business. Mashoutable® has a strategic sales partnerships in the United States and in India; the role of our strategic sales partner, is one where the call center, taking inbound calls only, directs those seeking technology knowledge to Mashoutable®'s knowledge base. The means by which those who seek technology knowledge are able to obtain access to the knowledge base, is through purchasing a membership to the website, thereby gaining access to the "Paid Members Only" content, Membership Benefits and "Paid Members Only" areas of the website.

If for ANY REASON, you have come to Mashoutable® and purchased a membership because of a communication you received from anyone claiming to be representing Mashoutable®, please Contact Us straight away for an immediate and full refund.